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The Police for Freedom international movement was launched in February 2021. It was inspired by the Spanish association “Policías Por La Libertad”, which was formed in 2020 to improve overall societal wellbeing in these difficult times - both for citizens, as well as members of the police, firefighters, security personnel and the military.

The mission of this movement is to re-humanise our societies, bringing back trust and unity between the security forces and the people. The peaceful marches, events, campaigns and content created by Police For Freedom aim to educate people about their human rights, civil liberties, constitutional rights as well as the ethical code of conduct for the police and security forces.

We are colleagues from different occupations who want to continue to carry out our work based on our personal and professional ethics, without being influenced by fears, deceptive narratives, immoral rules or differences of opinion.

We call for common sense and professional ethics.

Police For Freedom (Spain) documentary by Dave Vickers

Due to the recent incorporation of new societal norms, mandates and regional laws, our way of living together has changed. This collective tension, uncertainty and pressure is causing confusion and conflicting encounters with the security forces and the citizens, and we have a moral and ethical obligation to come together with the purpose of creating a unified code of conduct when on duty.

We wish to continue to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens equally.

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